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Approved Hosts: Sorting the best from the rest!
Unlike other web hosting directories we only approve companies that are genuinely high quality and are able to offer what they say. Our committee reviews the approved companies every month and ensures that 'new' approved hosts meet the required standards. Hence you can rest assure that these hosts really are the best.
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Email All Hosts: New and Improved! (coming soon)
Why spend hours emailing dozens of web hosting companies to get a quote or more information.  With our email-all-hosts feature you need only send one message and this will be distributed to every company in our database, or selective companies if you wish.
Some of the best web hosting offers available can be found with Hostgator, be sure to check out these Hostgator coupon codes for an extra discount.
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Remember to check out our customer review section before you make your final decision. You might also want to browse WebHostingTalk.Com or post a message asking for feedback about the company before signing-up with them. Be sure to read the terms and conditions as well, we wouldn't want you to end up with an unexpected bill or a closed website.

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* New domains require two year registration upfront.
Coming Soon: Expert Live Chat Sessions:
Host Investigator will soon be hosting chat sessions every week so you can discuss your requirements and voice your concerns with Host Investigator and other special guests.

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